Fernrock Farm

Throughout the growing season, we will offer classes and events here at the Farm focused on plants and flowers. Spring options are listed below. Additional classes/events will be announced on Facebook/Instagram.

Social distancing will be required at each class as well as wearing a mask.

Dahlias: What to Know and How to Grow
Saturday, March 27

Carrie McCann, owner of Fernrock Farm, will share tips on how to grow dahlias - the stars of the cutting garden. Join us to learn how to make these treasured flowers a part of your home garden.

Topics will include:
  • how and when to plant
  • how to "pinch" and disbud
  • when to fertilize and what to use
  • when to cut blooms and how to get the best vase life
  • how to propagate through cuttings and division
  • resources for tubers and additional growing information
Participants will receive 5 dahlia tubers, each a different variety. Additional tubers will be for sale as well as other plants and bulbs.

Fee: $65 per person. Register by clicking on Store.

Starting a Cutting Garden
Saturday, April 17

Do you love having fresh flowers on the kitchen table? Would you like to cut flowers from your own yard throughout the summer? Learn how to begin a cutting garden with easily grown varieties for Piedmont NC.

Topics will include:
  • soil and sun conditions
  • best varieties for cutting - focusing on annuals
  • direct seeding vs. plugs
  • weed control
  • is this bloom ready to cut?
  • succession planting
  • resources for seeds
Participants will receive a tray of plugs (six, 6 packs) from varieties grown here at Fernrock Farm. Plant assortment will be determined based on the healthiest selections from our seed sowing.

Fee: $65 per person. Register by clicking on Store.

Fernrock Farm Plant Sale
Friday, April 16-Sunday, April 18

As Spring gets closer and the weather turns warmer, it's time for planting. Fernrock Farm offers annuals, perennials, and vegetable starts. Many varieties that we grow for cutting will be available, as well as some bulbs and tubers. Details on how the Plant Sale will operate will be shared on Facebook/Instagram.